Friday, 3 October 2008

At Hort Park on a Beautiful Day!!

2 Oct 2008
Weather prediction was that it’s a rainy day, that too with thunder and lightning. But that couldn’t discourage us. And this time we had Plan A and Plan B. Plan A an out door location—The Hort Park at Alexandra Road. Plan B an indoor location - The Museum. We left home at 10 o’ clock. Packed snacks, water and rain coat for Achu. We were hanging on to Plan A in spite of the cloudy weather and it took around half an hour to reach Hort Park. It started drizzling a bit, but we were determined. Car park was full and we had to wait a while. There is no entrance fee..its absolutely free. Achu was happy to get out of the car and walk through…Weather was just nice…there can’t be a more perfect weather for this. We started walking; it looked like an urban oasis in the middle of the concrete desert. The landscaping was perfect…enjoyed each bit of it. Wind was cool and people seemed to be very happy and enjoying…Lot of tropical plants and grass lands… It has glasshouses which grow plants in ideal condition and they were blooming like in heaven….especially daisies…one word to describe is awesome… There is a trekking path which leads to Kent Ridge Park. The Hort park is very picturesque and photography enthusiasts are seen everywhere clicking away nature's beauty. More info on the park can be seen from

Sajeev's college is just next door and we had a glimpse of that. Achu desperately wanted to see Acha's class. We proceeded to the tree-top walk (Nature walk) across the Alexandra Arch. It was just great. There were small railings and Achu hesitated to walk since she was able to see the ground from such a height through the railings. We boosted her morale saying that she is such a brave girl and it paid off and she was rewarded with a handshake after we finished the walk. She was excited :) We returned back and when we reached our Mitsu, Achu whispered to it "lets go to Suntech city. ok?" ... We went to Suntech to see the Motor show and took home wonderful memories of a beautiful day!!



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