Tuesday, 19 August 2008

At Labrador Park on National Day!

18 Aug 2008
It was a long weekend...So as usual, we were planning to go out and have a nice family time. We have covered almost all part of Singapore. And there is a list of ‘don’t want to go often’ places. Keeping all those places apart, I was searching Internet thoroughly. There are certain conditions like, the place should not be crowded (Sajeev don’t like crowded places), Achu should enjoy being there. And then I should have a nice scenery to take lots and lots of photos…Internet listed a lot of places and a name struck my eye—Labrador park. Its unique. I was curious, then my search was focused on this park. It seemed to fit all our prerequisites and there we went.
It was a lovely day, August 9, 2008, National day of Singapore. We started off in our sporty Lancer Elegance!! We almost reached the park and the first thing I noticed is the lush greenery…nature has nourished the trees and plants so fabulously. Nature untouched, if I borrow one of my friend’s words, this can be compared to a virgin forest. The British have used this place to keep arms and ammunition. It s blessed with fantastic panoramic view of the sea from a platform .So, a strategic position for wars etc. Forget about those things…Lets enjoy nature. Walking along the trails is an awesome experience, and there are sign boards which read ‘beware of falling branches’…looks cool na? We walked and saw few remnants of guns and information boards on the way describing about the war etc.

Coming down the slop we reached the sea shore. The sea is deep and we could see ships anchored not far from the shore. So, there is a safety rail between the sea and the land. Achu was obviously not fascinated since she was dreaming of playing in the sand from the moment I started talking about this park. But she got a stick, which she carried along, playing all the while and even brought it home. Its still kept safely outside our home. Whenever she see it, she will ask my permission whether she can take it inside house, I say no. It continues till date.

As usual, I took a lot of snaps and we enjoyed the day!! We will definitely go back to enjoy the serene nature and its lush greenery far from the madding crowd!!



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