Saturday, 8 November 2008

At Mac Ritchie on a Diwali Day!!

7 Nov 2008
Diwali is a day of victory of light over darkness, good over evil and everything positive over everything negative. So, its special, it should be celebrated with great zeal. For our small family, far away from near and dear ones back at home, celebrating each special day is spending time together in a way each of us enjoy to the core. So, what we all like is OUTING ...:)

This time destination is Mac Ritchie reservoir...We are on nature hunt and determined to see each nook and corner of the little red dot. I have heard from friends that its a great place to have a peaceful family day. So, we started early morning. Weather was good, no clouds and sun smiling all the time. Packed up our lunch, pav bhaji. After half an hour drive from home we are at Mac Ritchie, Singapore's first reservoir built in 1867-68. The forest around the reservoir was protected and it gives it the natural beauty. Car park was under renovation so we had to move around a bit to find a suitable place. People are jogging, exercising and few families have already occupied the banks of the reservoir, chit chatting, enjoying breakfast and playing with kids. The water is almost green in colour and there are fishes and tortoises in abundance inside. Strict reminder not to feed them are given to the visitors, reason being feeding them make them lazy and they wont look for their own food...yup it makes sense. But, still some kids are enjoying feeding them with tiny bread pieces. Ultimately this water reaches our household after several rounds of purification, so best is to preserve it the cleanest we can.

Achu was on her cycle and we walked around. There were lot of monkeys on the loose. Playing, grooming and jumping from one tree to the other. They were enjoying the freedom. None of them were afraid of human presence. We could watch them very close. Achu was ready to touch them and bring one of them home. We clicked lot of snaps and walked around. To all of our surprise Achu was of the rarest occasions. We decided to settle for lunch...found a nice place. Spread the mat and had a nice lunch. It was yummy. While having fruit Achu entertained us by dancing to the music in my hand phone...People who walked by wished us happy Diwali...:) I should say song was a bit loud, but we were enjoying ;).

Back to the car and we were heading to the Tree Top walk. We need to travel by car a short distance get down and then start the trekking trough a rain forest. It was really sunny when we started the trekking. Achu was enjoying collecting all that she could hold in her little hand and the most important was a long stick. I was surprised to know that such a place existed in Singapore. Its resemblance to my hometown was amazing...The same plants the same weeds, the same kind of was a pleasant surprise. We walked around 2.4 km when Achu said her legs are paining. There was still 1 km plus to the tree top walk. We decided to stop and return for the time being. Sajeev went back to get the car and we waited in front of the Island Country club. Later the guard told us that only club members can bring car inside. So with his special permission Sajeev parked the car near the main gate and we walked down. The weather was changing and dark clouds were forming in the sky. We headed back home happy to have added a beautiful day to our lives!!



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