Sunday, 8 June 2008

8 June 2008
Mommy I love you
Before your mind treads into the dark realm of oblivion,
Before the delicate web of relations get tangled in your memory,
Before time travels back and forth and dazzles your thoughts,
Before sleepless nights becomes a routine and dampen your cheeks with tears
Before you forget who I am to you…..
I want to be with you!!!!!!

I have grown in you, grown with you……
We have laughed together, cried together…….
You have taught me, you have punished me…
You have shown light in my way,

I laugh and smile, crying hard inside,
I feel the happiness in my life sinking away.
I love and take care, missing your love and care for me,
None will ever bestow such an unconditional love.

I can’t be a better mother,
I can’t be a better friend,
I can’t be anything better than you Mom, I love you…



  1. Mothers wont leave us at all...
    They are always with us..if not physically... their sprits are with us. their soul is with us... Even when they are close to the God they will be wispering in HIS ears for HIS extra care for us.