Monday, 15 November 2010


Clocks in our home are all set to different time.Clocks in the living room, kitchen and master bedroom run fifteen minutes faster while those in papa's and Achu's rooms sync with Starhub set top box. My watch is set five minutes ahead of acutal time and I almost forgot where from I picked up this habit of living 'ahead' of time. This is a puzzle for our little Achu.

On Saturday afternoon, Achu and myself were rushing to her hip-hop class and I was reminding her to walk faster. She was asking me the time each and every minute and when we were almost reaching I said, "Achu just five more minutes for the class to start, but I am sure we will reach on time." for which Achu replied with a sad expression.
"Amma, but how about the time on teacher Edwin's clock??"



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