Friday, 12 November 2010

Memoirs of a distant past!!

On a Sunday afternoon I was busy tidying up my cupboard when a medium sized thick lock book with light pink plastic hard cover and floral design caught my attention. I couldn't go ahead but sit and read the contents cover to cover. Its my 'autograph'- name given to a personal diary where friends jot down short messages at the time of parting. Even after sixteen long years the cover looked polished except a rusting lock and a hairline crack .I am a lover of souvenirs and memoirs of the past and even had the habit of collecting sands from the beaches I have been to. Small tokens which could bring memories of a friend, or past incidents are treasures that I keep.

The fragrance of the pages of the book reminded me of the last few days of my school and college life. It's then that we get busy writing 'autographs'.While reading through the baby pink, apple green, pale yellow pages of the book, I realised that I was smiling. Varied hand writings, distinct personalities, individual styles of writing, unique degrees of attachment, discrete nationalities and races, dissimilar faces- all appeared in front of me as in a motion picture. From one liner to those extending few pages, from simple stickers to photographs, from cliches to poetry, the pages were full of love, liking and genuine opinion. Mostly well wishes and very few criticisms, everyone told their minds out while writing the parting words.

From one of the last pages a beautiful 'mayilpeeli' (peacock feather doesn't sound so nice) winked at me. I remember you Smitha...when you wrote 'ente mayilpeeli kunjine valarthan njan ninne eelpikkunnu'(I am giving this baby peacock feather to you to nurture), I was least aware that after these many years, I would cherish it so very much. yes Smitha, its well and fine and still as beautiful as ever and safe in my autograph. Justin, you wanted to be the last one to write...I leave most of the names unwritten... I hope you do cherish our times together as I do.

Dear friends, some of you, I parted with a hug, some with a smile and yet others with eyes full of tears. As I closed the book, tears ran down my cheeks, a unique feeling which comes across my mind when I truly miss something, flashed my mind... I knew I had a treasure in my hand which is invaluable to me...



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