Friday, 21 May 2010

The Magic of Amar chithra katha!!!

I was searching Amar chithra katha for Achu for so long and got the feeling that I have found what I wanted when I came across 'Tinkle Digest' which my brother-in-law was reading. From there I got the reference to the website from where we can buy Amar chithra katha online: Ever since I came across Tinkle Digest, on every trip to India, we collect as many of it as possible. 

Stories and music are food to the soul. At least I can remember my thirst for stories in my childhood days. Mom used to say that when she ran out of stories and made-up stories she started buying books and reading it for me... I would pester her and whoever I found could narrate stories well,  for more and more and when I grew big and could read myself, the magical world of children's comics unveiled a whole new world in front of me. The first line of the first chithra katha I read is still in my mind ...It had the picture of a rabbit getting the aroma of food and saying 'haai nalla neyyappathinte manam'... I would have been five years then. Also a vague picture of a boy holding a lollipop in his hand which was part of an English story which my mom narrated to me is still lingering in mind. The rabbits, cats, elephants, tigers, foxes, crows, flowers, trees, forests, springs, mountains, sun , moon etc were in neat cute sketches and were able to talk human language. Me and my cousin would fight for reading the comics first. Until I finish reading cover to cover, there is no peace of mind and once we know it has arrived,  until it reaches my hand I used to feel uneasy....The ones I remember passionately is the Mahabharatha Amar chithra katha. There is no other appropriate way to explain the wonderful and the best epic ever, from the greatest guru Veda Vyasa, to our future generation than getting children to taste the magical and powerful world of reading amar chithra katha. The beautiful narration and the artistic illustration gets our imagination to fly... If u ask me the history lessons which I learned in school, I wouldn't be remembering it. We shouldn't forget history but its one of the boring subjects I have ever learned. Sorry if it hurts history enthusiasts...  that's a fact.  But if you ask any stories from the great epic, I can tell it with zeal and pleasure....So, long live Amar chithra katha....:-)



  1. Chinnu Babu Korah23 May 2010 at 19:00

    amar chithrakatha lives long bindu... thats why its called so.. you are right by every word. and i think its true for every beautiful stories not only to amarchithrakatha.( fairy tales..too.). I too belong to the same clan reading magazines cover to cover first.. what a thrill it was...i and my brother used to have real fights for it...and many of the stories still lingers in mind...what a craving we had then..for books.. now missing it all..

  2. Thanks Chins....I really miss our school days which were so rich with our writing, painting, drawing, singing, dancing what not...:-) we shared lot of common interests!! and feels so good to see your comment !! hope you are doing great and enjoying your new job!!