Friday, 21 May 2010

Communication Gap!!

I was feeding Kannan in the bedroom when my sweetie's voice came from the hall,
"amma, whats papa doing??"
I replied, "he is praying Ponni!!"
Again, "amma, whats he doing there??" (the stress is on word 'there')
I said, "he is praying there da"
Again, "amma, can you tell me whats he doing ??" (stress is on 'tell')
I said, "I have already told that he is praying" (tone is changing)
Again, "amma, are u sure he is praying??" (stress is on 'are u sure')
I said,"I have told enough number of times that he is praying, whats your problem??" (already smoke is coming out..)
Again,"amma,whats he really doing??"(stress is on 'really')
I said,"just wait there, I am coming out, u will get nicely from me"
I ran out like a fierce dragon when she said "amma, why is he praying inside the bathroom!!??"

PS: all the time she knew that he was in bathroom and I was thinking he is in his room....


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