Saturday, 11 April 2009

She lives in our memories!!

10 April 2009
The priest's voice echoed in my ears, "Is there anyone else who wants to see the face one last time?". There was pin drop silence, and then the white clothe was pulled over her face!! I wanted to shout, I wanted to cry , I wanted to scream that I wont let go of her!!. In my mind I was a helpless child running around searching mom, wandering all over the places to see that face. No matter which ever corner of the world I travel to , the world cant show me that face again, never ever...
She always used to say, "I still remember the first glance of your face when you were born!!". Likewise, the image of that lovely face, the last glance of her eternal sleep will live in me forever.
Picture on the right is the last glimpse of her ashes dissolving in water. From nature, back to nature!! Is death just the absence of life? It leaves a vacuum in our minds which can never ever be filled by anything else.
She could be with God now, but could that spirit remember us? Could it be seeing us ? Lot of questions are in my mind. The very reason for my origin is suddenly vanished from the earth. The very prayers which kept me from all evil, all illness are vanished from the earth. You could have lived with us for more time mommy, you shouldn't have left us so early. I will never forgive u for this!!



  1. i cant read it ..........again.........i dont like to remember it ..........those moments ............

  2. bindu it is very touching, i really cried reading this.. so true it really builds a vaccum in our life, each statement in the end is so true..

  3. Thanks Kavitha, nothing as precious as mom in this world for a human!! Realising it each and every day as it passes by!!

  4. Achan and Amma7 May 2009 at 12:45

    we remember ur mom for ever.She was an asset to her daughters and her beloved husband.Papa is mom's part and parcel.I saw his lovingness to his best part, when I visited his home and hospital in her last moments.Achan and amma

  5. mom is always a touching topic.. and i can really understand ur loss.. the biggest loss every child may face on this earth...