Sunday, 21 February 2010


20 Feb 2010
Ever since I introduced solar system to Aishwarya, she is much interested in everything related to it. Recently I got a book named 'The Universe' from a book fair.It has lots of colourful images. Now, whenever not watching TV or not having food, she takes the book and starts asking questions.Once when she came across the word gravity, her curiosity increased and started asking questions. I told her the story of Sir Issac Newton sitting under an apple tree during which I asked her, 'do you know why apple comes down to the ground instead of flying?' Answer came immediately: 'because it doesn't have wings'!!!. I was expecting a different answer, so I asked again 'whats that?' she told 'amma, because apple does not have wings'!!!


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  1. haha.. good one.. but i have a different version of this Newtons's story. what triggered him to think in that lines.. will chat with you later.