Saturday, 13 February 2010


20 Feb 2010
Me and my girl like shopping together as we are interested in almost everything in the shops except that she has got a special eye for things in pink. Recently, after one of our shopping spree, we decided to have tea and snacks at Komalas. She ordered her favourite ice lemon tea without ice and I had masala tea and vada. The boy served ice lemon tea with ice and when I pointed it, he just removed the ice !!! I told that the intention was not to have it cold, he told the tea itself comes like that and he can do nothing about it!!! where should I complaint about this??? So, even though she had slight cough she was adamant in drinking the cold 'ice' lemon tea. She was taking her time enjoying it and meanwhile I was done with my drink and snack. I told her 'baby, lets make a move'. She was only half done with her drink and wanted to bring to mrt and have it. I told , 'listen ponni, we cant take drinks inside mrt and we will have to pay fine if the authorities find us having drink inside it'. 'Fine' was a new word for her and as usual she asked 'amma, what is fine?' . I told her that its something which we have to pay in the form of money as a punishment for not obeying the law. She asked 'amma, how much is the fine?' . As I didn't know the exact amount, I gave a rough estimate 'it could be around a 100 bucks' ....immediately she asked me 'amma, do you have a 100 dollars with you?'


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  1. Your blogs are good chechi, I think one day you can accumulate them all and make a book to be published. I like your way of writing. I could get some info about Singapore reading your blogs and what makes them interesting is the small funny incidents that you put in between, like the fine of 100 bucks incident with achu!!!