Wednesday, 18 February 2009


17 Feb 2009
This is not written by me, but happened to read it by chance...
Its well written and adds to your inner strength the more u read it. Here u go......
"Master self-control to tame fears or impulses to prove of what stuff I'm made. I boldly go...but a willful heart is part of my secret identity.My infinite fortitude is seen by what I do, sacrifice or defy to stand up for what I feel is right, including admitting when I'm wrong, keeping out of it or not dignifying responses provoked by moral cowards and brutes. When resolve is tested I draw on the courage of my true character from the more savage or humble virtues of my natural instincts to maintain objective by composure. This enables me to hold my toungue against bravado, repress claws at empty threats, and not turn tail in pride against passion when it's hard or inconvenient, but to persuade through self-restraint until assimilation is complete or resistance is futile."



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