Sunday, 21 June 2015

A lovely gift from my teacher

Teachers are one of the most influential figures in a persons life. Father Jacob Thekkemury has influenced my life beyond words. He triggered a philosophical thinking in me which was inherent but not expressed until then. He gained the affection of our class within no time and I used to look forward for his classes. They were at a realm beyond books. He could express his thoughts clearly and in detail and we could envision it effortlessly. He once said that beauty lies in doing ones duty. It has been a guiding light for me all through my  life. He cared for us and we loved him much. Among the many inevitables after moving out of school I couldn't contact him though I knew his whereabouts from a dear friend. 
Thanks to social media, I could talk to him again. I saw many of his books were published and wanted to read them as I knew they were gems. I requested a signed copy and he sent me the below. Words cannot express my feelings upon receiving them . This is an invaluable asset I would keep and cherish.



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