Thursday, 12 September 2013

Tooth fairy

"Amma my tooth is shaking"...Achu told it almost a month back. I looked at the shaking tooth and recollected that its the first tooth which appeared and remembered my  mom calling me to office after spotting the small white sprouting teeth on her lower gum. Now the baby look is almost gone and my girl is looking more like a young lady. She is not much bothered about the attention her brother is getting in public places as a baby. In stead there is a pride in her responses that its her younger brother. "Amma will the tooth fairy visit me once this comes out?" I was awakened from my dreamy thoughts by her question. Of course fairy will visit you and will present you with a beautiful present. But before that you have to really wish for it. She was constantly thinking about the gift thereafter.Then questions after questions as I anticipated came out. How is tooth fairy looking like?? Is it a boy or a girl?? Once we close the door how will it enter our house??? I finally convinced her that tooth fairy had the face of precious moments figurine's face ;-)

She did get her gift once the tooth came out. But then she recollected that she saw the gift in some shop...

Years later she realised that the tooth fairy was actually me ...:D yes, she did grow up...



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