Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Onam 2012

Tomorrow is Onam. Onam is a feeling, its a happy, nostaligic thought, its a taste of mother's preparation of a complete meal serverd on banana leaf, its a remembrance of the beauty of pookkalam we made as a kid, its a wonderful memory of the best ten days of holiday, its a remembrance of meeting relatives, its a smell of new clothes. Onam touches all the senses with a comfortable warmth that brings a beautiful feeling of goodwill.

The flower blooms, colourful butterflies, bright skies and dew drops on grass in the early morning are mere memories...but I am glad, I was fortunate to see it, know it and live it.

Here is a complete read for all those who asked the same question as me on why it was not a triumph over evil that we celebrate but a triumph over harmony and prosperity:


A line to contemplate on : "After all, good deeds and habits can also be binding; one can coast along complacently."

our sadya

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