Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Theyyam - the Dance of Gods
Singapore Arts Festival - 2012
Thanks to facebook, I stay in touch with kith and kin, friends and aquaintances more effectively.Envying - frequent travellers, enjoying -jokes, wishing - on birthdays, congratulating - on achievements and sharing - only joy.Its a way to relax and look at what others' are doing :-). Its a virtual world, virtual in happiness and feelings.

Recently I came across Soorya organising Theyyam , the dance of Gods. It was a mind blowing experience. An art which is popular in Northern part of Kerala.I probably would not have gotten any opportunity to watch it if I were in Kerala. Thanks to Chitrechi for posting it in facebook - thats why I wrote a paragraph about facebook :-). I was in dilemma until the last hour on whether to go or not since Sajeev was in India, but finally decided to take Aishwarya and my dad to watch it. Thanks to gothere.sg, google maps and iphone and some friendly people we met on the way, we reached there on time.

First performance was of - Muchilot Bhaghavathy Theyyam. It was a colourful and rhythmic performance by the artist and I was awed by the details of the facial make up and the decoration often wondering how he is carrying the weight of the props.Second was the playful - Vishnumoorthy Theyyam - this turned out to be Aishwarya's favourite.Third, Chamundy Theyyam and last but the most fierce and awesome - Agnikandakarnan Theyyam. Agnikandakaran Theyyam is an art of managing fire. Imagine the amount of heat the performer is subjected to. There is a team member always looking out for mishaps.Its the immense trust a person sets on another of his creed that makes it more beautiful.Its winning mind over matter or over the most fierce element of pancha bhootha - the fire.

On the way back I was happy that our rich cultural heritage could be shared with my next generation..



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