Sunday, 15 May 2011

My vote goes for.....

Few weeks ago, a calm and sleepy afternoon was awakened by a mike announcement. I peeped through my window and saw an election campaign vehicle with party emblem seeking support from the people. After all, in a democracy, people power matters  as its a  government BY the people.  

Previous election had never been of any interest to me as I never bothered who ruled Singapore or how its political sytem worked. After the election, I hardly knew any politicians other than the Prime Minister and his great father. There has been alot of socio-economic, political and policy changes in Singapore ever since, and I found in great admiration how a nation could function like a company. How a government could take care of its citizens right to their basic amneties. How a responsible team could bring in changes in the life style of its people and in a matter of a few decades how it was transformed. Where the elected members of parliament are qualified men who have proven excellence in their professional areas and are disciplined to keep time aside every week to meet the residents and pay heed to their problem. Moreover, I had upgraded my status from a PR to a citizen, a good reason to pay attention.

Recently,Singapore election was a hot topic for majority of conversation. Every one has an opinion, and they dared to share it with everyone else. That made it interesting.I was surprised to see the huge resentment against the ruling party. Most of the people I knew were favoring the opposition and attended their rallies. Facebook pages were flooded with comments against the ruling and favoring the opposition. More than 80% of people I knew, supported the opposition. I was skeptical about the results and stayed awake to watch it live, expecting the unexpected. There was a sigh of relief when the ruling party came to power. Whatever it is, I do not think Singapore is a nation which can gamble with the system, it cannot afford to experiment, it cannot afford to overthrow the proven working system. However, a strong opposition is welcome, but I do not see a need for a change yet. This is the closest I have ever come to Utopia. And who my vote went for is .........A SECRET :-)



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