Wednesday, 15 December 2010

You'll Never Dance Alone(YNDA) concert 2010

Watching kids in their own world is great fun in itself. We travel backwards in time and relate to our own experiences. Waiting in the dressing room 'patiently', waiting for our turn to put on makeup (mostly teachers to apply it on us), last minute touch ups, rehearsals etc are great fun at a first glance, but back then, new costumes induced itchiness and if its not really fitting, it gave an uncomfortable feeling.Lipstick made us smile artificially and I was never happy seeing myself in the mirror after a heavy make-up. On top of that, eating food and drinking water were Herculean tasks.Heart beating fast or skipping a beat as the items were called one by one are unforgettable.

But, today's kids are more relaxed.Each one's personality shines through even at this young age. On the rehearsal day and the actual day of 'You'll Never Dance Alone' (YNDA) concert Aishwarya and her fellow dance-mates were having fun all along. Mommys had to reapply makeup few times to show the cute blushes standing out and reaching the audience's eyes as every few hours the blushes disappeared mysteriously ;-) Their hairs were sprayed with glitters and all were looking super cute in tee and jeans.

Something that hasn't changed over the years is the picture of caring parents patiently waiting in the dressing room, helping with make-up and feeding kids. I still remember the parents of my primary school best-friend Jomol's parents (I remember the father's face) feeding us and being with us all along the show. They used to sit in the rehearsal room and now I wonder how many times they would have really missed the show...I could meet similar parents here as heartfelt thanks to them, because of the thought that our kids are in safe hands, we could sit and watch the show peacefully.
Sitting in the dressing room, I was secretly learning new games and a new version of ABCD song :D,
Now I know my ABC, next time wont you learn from me..."



  1. Thanks Vinita and Adeline. @ Adeline : thanks for taking care of the kids so that we could watch the show peacefully. :-) will pass you the cd this week!!

  2. U're most welcome..being with and watching them really helps us to learn more from the this days are different compare our younger days..thank goodness all are safe n most importantly they've enjoyed themselves n closer to each others..