Friday, 15 October 2010

'Lars'ified Week!!

11 Oct-15 Oct ~~ A week 'Lars'ified by training, Danish candies, Good humour, Good food and Good English.

Lars introduced me to Danish 'Licorise'. According to Wikipedia 'Salty liquorice, salmiak or salmiakki is a variety of liquorice that contains a relatively large amount of ammonium chloride ("salmiac") in addition to the liquorice root extract, sugar and starch or gum arabic that constitute regular liquorice. Ammonium chloride has a spicy taste that vaguely resembles that of sodium chloride (table salt). However, salty liquorice does not necessarily contain any sodium. Although some types of regular liquorice can also contain a small amount of ammonium chloride, salty liquorice can contain up to about 8 percent of ammonium chloride. Moreover, the salty taste is typically less masked by a high sugar content compared to regular liquorice.[1]
Salty liquorice candies are almost always black or very dark brown and can range from very soft to very hard and may be brittle. The other colours used are white and variants of grey. Carbon black is used as a food colouring agent in these candies.'

It was very nice of Lars to keep a dustbin right in front of me after offering me a licorice and reminding  me that its absolutely OK to spit it out :-) But I disappointed him... and he had a story to take back home ;-) ... "He did talk to me after that!! ;-)" was his reply when someone asked him about our boss' reaction after tasting the candy. (rofl!!). That was the only pleasant experience (I guess) Lars had about trying to introduce it to non-Danish...



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