Sunday, 25 July 2010

NDP rehearsal on 24 July 2010

Kannan is the first to wake up on weekends. It was not different yesterday morning as well. Both Sajeev and I rushed to catch the 11 0' clock show of 'Inception' at Causeway Point in Woodlands. After two and a half hours of watching rapid thrilling moments of dream invasion my mind was in a maze (mess???). Entering the spiral/circular stairs from the carpark of Marina Square, rushing to watch NDP rehearsal, I felt like being in a 'paradox'. Which layer of dream was I in?? I wished that my time was compounded by being in the deepest possible layer (According to Hindu Mythology one day of Brahma equals 4320 million human years!!! time compounding???). Well, I didn't have a totem to check out which layer I was in.

Inception is a brilliant movie among the ones I watched recently and it manipulates an interesting topic which was given different dimensions by ancient Indian writers calling what we see and experience as 'maya' (that which is not real) as well as the scientists, psychiatrists and philosophers of modern era. The blue eyes of the romantic hero of 'Titanic' has done a good job in expressing the myriads of internal struggle he is going through wandering into the forbidden territories of another mind. Insanity might be such a delirious illusioned state where one might be in a totally different world of thoughts, which for them is the sole reality. I was awakened from my thoughts when Achu pulled my hand pointing to the sky and shouting "Amma, look there!!". Two  F16 Falcon fighter jets of Singapore Armed forces were coming from two opposite directions, intersected at an imaginary point in the sky in the difference of few milliseconds and left, leaving the spectators in awe and excitement. Its a common display of Air shows but watching this live brings the same excitement I had while watching it for the very first time, years ago. By the time it disappeared into the sky, another jet made its way and sore high vertically up. I was thinking about the g-force the pilot must be experiencing. Sajeev was explaining about what his friend who used to be an f16 pilot explained to him about the experience of such displays in the sky. By this time the parade had started and we walked to the side of the road to watch the colourful parade. It was to my surprise that I saw representatives of HDB, ERA, Sebmbcorp Marine, Singtel etc. marching. We were waiting to cross the road to reach Esplanade- Theatres on the Bay. One lady carrying a musical instrument (I assume its a cello because it was as tall as she was) was almost at her heights of impatience to cross the road. She was clashing with the security personal telling that she had to reach her work on time. He temporarily quietened her requesting to wait few minutes more, but she was no one to wait, took her instrument and walked along the side of the road ignoring traffic and security was shaking his head. Finally, the parade on one of the two way roads was almost over when an old couple ignored the security and crossed the road. The crowd which patiently waited for so long laughed seeing this. Finally we crossed the road and ran to get a good spot to watch the fire works and Sajeev wanted to experiment different shutter speed, exposure etc. from a good angle with his camera.

The river front of Esplanade is a spectacular place. We always enjoy being there. The skyscrapers of Singapore city silhouetted against the sky. Fullerton seemed like a gem.We got a fine spot facing the Marina Bay Sands. I was imagining it to be a lost boat in a flood landing exactly on top of three tall buildings when the water settled down. But its an architectural marvel. Sajeev was busy adjusting the camera on tripod and Achu was suddenly hungry and was busy with her snacks. Moon was partially hidden by clouds and Achu was trying to 'pick' moon with her index finger and thumb looking through one eye. She was desperately trying to show it to me, but how much ever I looked, her angle was not mine and finally I had to agree that I could 'really' see the moon between her tiny fingers. Though the bay was crowded, there was a tranquility, looking at the waves on the water formed by light breeze. Malay teens were next to us, cracking jokes and one guy was mockingly proposing to the girl saying "let the water be our witness". Bad habit of overhearing ??? nah!!! it happened very near me so no choice.

Suddenly there was a thunderous explosion and two spectacular floral fireworks were displayed against the sky...the crowd marvelled 'wow.....!!'. There was a long gap after that, but I admire the patience of the people of this country. There wasn't even a loud conversation. After a while there was a  booming sound and an explosion, everyone looked behind, yeah it was from the Suntec followed by a few from Maybank. That was expected!! Again right over the waters, a spectacular, colourful, breathtaking display of fire. I stopped taking pictures and enjoyed it with my full attention. Its a joy, its a pleasure to be felt and can never be completely duplicated in words, pictures or videos. Its to be seen by naked eyes, felt by ears, live. The wonderful display carried on for minutes and when it ended there was pin drop silence and then it was broken by a clap, followed by another and then by the excited crowd... We returned, being satisfied and happy about the visual treat. While walking along the waterfront amidst the dispersing crowd I realised, I was not dreaming , there was no inception, it was my reality... a reality where I truly belonged!!!

Marina Bay Sands
the whispering of the waves of the waterfront, silent witness reflecting all that comes over it, reached my ears through the breeze, "the show is over, crowd is gone!!come back again!!"



  1. Arunakumari Sankarram26 July 2010 at 13:10

    Very very nice Bindu! Im happy that you were able to find the reality , Madam, you are getting matured not only by aging also by Divine thoughts and experiences!!!

  2. Vrushali Mulky26 July 2010 at 13:12

    WOW really love reading the stuff you write.. almost feel like i'm there :)

  3. god u have great patience bindu...inception sounds like my kinda movie...did achu join u for the movie?did kannan enjoy the fireworx?

  4. @ Aruna: thank you so much for the compliment. the stories of the movies of the genre 'Matrix', 'Inception' etc seem to reflect a lot of ideas from our ancient mythology. could be 'great minds think alike' :-) I always feel like connecting these while coming across it.

    @ Vrush: thank you!! I remember your descriptions about memorable moments in your life. Its missing in IWG mails now :-) also you had started writing a blog. Are you still continuing?? Pls send me the link if so.

    @ Asha: We didnt take Achu for the movie, its not kid's kind of movie. Also, didnt take Kannan for fireworks.