Sunday, 13 December 2009

Our second bundle of joy!!

12 December 2010

After a long time, I am logging in to write. Our second bundle of joy, Ashwin came on 2nd October sharing birthday with one of the great souls who ever lived on this earth, Mahatma Gandhi. Though not planned, Aishwarya was born on Indian Independence day and Ashwin on Gandhi Jayanthi. A mere joyful coincidence. Aishwarya suddenly started to appear to us like she has grown up, physically and mentally. Need to add that a bit naughtier too. She is not satisfied with one little brother and needs a little sister too to share her pink toys. And she believes that there is another little one growing in me.For me, I have become busier than ever. This pregnancy was a cake walk, except some hitches in the last minute and he came a bit earlier than the predicted date.



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