Saturday, 1 December 2007

Rest for two looooooooong weeks

30 Nov 2007

'Two weeks of rest', unexpected...and caught in awe, surprise, depression and what not? Talking about nothing but Chicken pox. Was on training for two days and it was fun...but there was this feeling of uneasiness, head ache, chill --not to mention the minus degree (?) inside the training room.
Enjoyed the training to the core, after all its all about Six Sigma (towards zero defect??).

Lesson learned (not from training), if you have intermittent fever, head ache, pain in the eye along with pimples appearing in the face or stomach, don't ignore and don't give ears to anybody. Just go and see your doctor..It could be Chicken pox. When doctor told me that it is confirmed, my mind was a black and white kaleidoscope of emotions...fear, surprise,concern. And the BIG questions, Why me? From where? Who passed it? How about work? How to manage family? Protect my precious ones? How many blisters are going to come up? And where? Will there be a lot? I was staring and thinking unaware of anything happening around me...I guess this is what everyone who are in that situation feel. One relief was that Achu had taken Chicken pox vaccination three months before. I think the doctor had done us a great favour. I was not happy with his suggestion and agreed to his request with half mind. So everything has a reason for its happening. True.

Doctor gave me a set of Acyclovir tablets and MC for two weeks, I liked the idea of MC for two weeks, even in that state of distress. Do I enjoy working???. We informed family abroad and friends. Flood of advices. Thanks everyone, it helped. Came home and walked into this room and has never gone out ever since.Cannot afford to take any chances.
Achu was wondering why Amma was telling not to come near her. But she is the most understanding kid. She obeyed and never made fuss. Now its two weeks inside this room, alone, with me and a music set and company laptop. Doors opening three times a day for food.F.M. Oli 96.8 is a real relief. The fan is running non stop. I give it rest once in a while though. Getting time for myself after a long while...dreaming..planning...reading...surfing net--pretending to be working, and really working as requested by boss:(. Sajeev is not happy about it, but no choice. Project is in critical stage and my support is required. Rain or shine, no matter what, the show must go on...isn't it? Well, few blisters came out on the face--about five, back, front, hands and legs--very little. The medicine did magic and suppressed the breakage. Thank God!! Thanks to my wonderful husband,my most precious understanding cutie pie--Achu and a very helpful maid--Rukku. She was a bit afraid I guess. One day she told me that she had running nose, fever etc. I immediately send her to doctor...But turned out that she is fine :))

Let me give you a link to know more about chicken pox:
I had Neem leaves all around me. Took a lot of fruits and curd. Friends suggested that tender coconut is superb too. Somehow, I didnt get it even after requesting several times :))

Took bath today with water boiled with neem leaf and turmeric paste. What a comfortable feeling. After that changed to fresh clothing and took a lot of pictures with my not-yet-shipped Motorola phone and tried sending to my husband only to find that he never got it, because it did not have Singapore web session..of course, it is flexed with AT&T flex...hmmm...don't worry if you don't understand a word of my musing,,its all about flexing and flashing:))

Hopefully, I can go to office from Tuesday...well, I have decided to keep away from friends for one more week.



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